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Advantages of SaoSA Glass Lamination Resin

  1. Good Quality
    • Europe Standards Testing Passed
    • Superb Durability
    • Excellent impact strength resistance
    • High transparency
    • No Delamination
    • Shelf life more than 18 months

  2. Environmental Benefits (UV Cured)
    • One-component, Ready-to-use
    • No VOC, without containing six hazardous materials (No Pb, Cd, Hg, Chromium hexavalent, PBB & PBDE)
    • No solvents or plasticizers.
    • Energy Saving.
    • Longer shelf life avoiding environmental pollution by abandoning overdue products

  3. Easy to use
    • The lamination job by SaoSA resin is a simple process. No heating and pressure in need. You don't need to mix the resin with any catalyst either. Only four steps for completing lamination.
    • Low viscosity: easier and quicker to pour, higher production efficiency
      Simple curing way: by sunlight or install an assembly panel of SaoSA UV light tubes to run the curing.
    • Easy to clean off the SaoSA resin remained on the surface of laminated glass by water with some detergent

  4. Competitive cost
    With low labor cost in China and high efficiency of R & D team, we offer SaoSA UV curing resin in very competitive pricing, helping you cut your current cost 30%-50% off.

Europe Standards Certifications
SaoSA resin has passed the following testing of Europe standard with the certifications, which were issued by TNO of the Netherlands, one of the most authoritative testing organizations of glass construction industry in Europe,
EN 356 PA PB
EN ISO 12543-4
EN 12600
EN 1063

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